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Using water transfer printing on 3D surfaces. Hydro Painting over the years has become a very popular way to transfer graphics using complex patterns, designs, and artwork to surfaces not friendly to airbrush or hand painting. The innovative intellect here at HydroPainting.com is beyond expectations and can be classified as the wonders of the mind. Below, you can find some strong points about us here at Hydro Painting…

  • + Years of Water Transfer Experience & Over 20 years in Automotive Painting
  • + Extensive Selection of Films, and Custom Film Printing in House
  • + Proprietary Solutions, which elevate our work to the best quality possible
  • + Multi Surface Printing – Wood, Plastic, Metals, Acrylic, Leather and Much More
  • + Chroming using Chemistry Applications to achieve mirror like surfaces on anything, not just metals

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